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How To Choose The Cylinder Barrel Materials

The cylinder barrel in which the piston operates must be made of a high-strength material, usually steel. It must be as light as possible, yet have the proper characteristics for operating under high temperatures. It must be made of a good bearing material and have high tensile strength. The cylinder barrel is made of a steel alloy forging with the inner surface hardened to resist wear of the piston and the piston rings which bear against it.

This hardening is usually done by exposing the steel to ammonia or cyanide gas while the steel is very hot. The steel soaks up nitrogen from the gas, which forms iron nitrides on the exposed surface. As a result of this process, the metal is said to be nitrided. This nitriding only penetrates into the barrel surface a few thousands of an inch. As the cylinder barrels wear due to use, they can be repaired by chroming. This is a process that plates chromium on the surface of the cylinder barrel and brings it back to new standard dimensions. Chromium-plated cylinders should use cast iron rings. Honing the cylinder walls is a process that brings it to the correct dimensions and provides crosshatch pattern for seating the piston rings during engine break-in. Some engine cylinder barrels are choked at the top, or they are smaller in diameter to allow for heat expansion and wear.

As a professional cylinder barrel manufacturer and supplier, Anbao Hydraulic has been supplying and exporting cylinder barrel tube from for almost 23 years.Generally, the annealed cold-drawn or hot-rolled seamless steel tube is used as the workblank of cylinder barrel. The semi-finished product with honed or accurately machined inner hole is available on the market, which may be cut into seamless steel tubes of the required length. Optional materials include E355 ST52,CK45,4140,16Mn, SAE1518,SAE4145 42CrMo,Stainless Steel 304/316,Duplex 2205,etc.  20#, 35#, 45# steel and 27SiMn alloy steel.

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