How to straighten the hydraulic cylinder rod?

How to straighten the hydraulic cylinder rod?

Hydraulic cylinder rod is an important part of the hydraulic cylinder system.There are high requirements on the production process. Such as Straightening, peeling, grinding, double straightening, polishing,and hard chrome plating.

Checking rod straightness
Rod straightness should always be checked when a hydraulic cylinder is being re-sealed or
repaired. This is done by placing the rod on rollers and measuring the run-out with a dial gauge
(Figure 1). Position the rod so that the distance between the rollers (L) is as large as possible
and measure the run-out at the mid-point between the rollers (L/2).
Figure 1. Checking rod straightness.
Allowable run-out
The rod should be as straight as possible, but a run-out of 0.5 millimeters per linear meter of
rod is generally considered acceptable. To calculate maximum, permissible run-out (measured
at L/2) use the formula:
Run-out max. (mm) = 0.5xL/1000
Where: L equals distance between rollers in millimeters.

For example, if the distance between the rollers was 1.2 meters, then the maximum, allowable
run-out measured at L/2 would be given by 0.5 x 1200 / 1000 = 0.6mm.
Dealing with bent rods
In most cases, bent rods can be straightened in a press. It is sometimes possible to straighten
hydraulic cylinder rods without damaging the hard-chrome plating, however if the chrome is
damaged, the rod must be either re-chromed or replaced.

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