how many types of electric stacker?

1.Semi-electric stacker: It is a kind of manual electric lift, mainly used for container loading and unloading and goods stacking on shelves. It is one of the most widely used in factories and has been chosen by many enterprises because of its economical and affordable advantages.

2.Walkie electric stacker: There is no pedal at the rear of the car. The operator follows the stacking truck forward and backward on foot to fork the goods.Advantages: compact body, suitable for narrow channel use.

3.Pallet truck Stacker: there are pedals at the rear of the car body for people to stand, and there are bottom legs in front of the pallet truck. It is suitable for loading, unloading, and transferring goods with single side pallet or without pallet.

4.Forward stacker truck: there is no front bottom leg with counterweight. The cargo fork and door frame of the truck can move forward for a certain distance, generally 0-560mm. The length of the stacking truck can be shortened appropriately, which can alleviate the requirement of passage to some extent.The forward stacking truck is divided into two specifications: large forward and small forward.

5.Balanced heavy-duty stacker truck: there is no bottom leg in front of stacking truck, and counterweight block is added after stacking truck. The fork can be tilted forward and backward appropriately to ensure the level after shoveling.

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