How long does chrome plating shaft last?

How long does chrome plating shaft last?

chrome plating shaft is a mainly part of hydraulic cylinder.Chrome plating increases the hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance of a surface, while also creating a shiny and smooth surface that is easier to clean.

For improved wear and corrosion resistance, it’s tough to beat hard chrome plating. The hardness and durability of a chromium metal surface finish means your parts will last longer even under severe mechanical contact and wear situations. A chrome surface also resists corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments or where other plating materials would wear away, exposing the substrate metal to corrosion attack.

How Long Does chrome plating shaft chrome plating last?

The longevity of any chrome plating depends on several factors:

  • Surface preparation care and method
  • Choice and quality of plating solution
  • Thickness of the plating layer

As a Hard Chrome Specialists, Anbao Group choose our plating parameters to deliver the best wear, corrosion and durability characteristics. We also take care to prep all materials and products prior to plating and maintain a clean, pure bath to eliminate impurities. The result is a top-quality hard chrome plating bar that will give you years of reliable use. In many non-wear situations, our chrome plating can last for decades, even in harsh conditions.we mainly specialized in chrome plated shafts,induction hardened shafts,hydraulic cylinder shafts,4140 chrome shafting.if you have any inquiry for these products , please contact us online.

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