What are the requirements for the quality of 4140 chrome plated steel bar ?

4140 chrome plated steel bar, which is a specific type of hard chrome rod, because the material is 4140 steel, so this kind of hard chrome rod is called 4140 chrome plated steel bar. The familiarity and understanding of this product is to use the product correctly and reasonably, and further, it can have a good use effect on the use of the product.

4140 chrome plated steel bar, the product quality should meet the requirements, the specific is: the use of quality and good performance materials for manufacturing to ensure that the product has good performance and use. The product should be simple and convenient to use, and it is not easy to cause problems during use, and it is not easy to be damaged or damaged, so as to avoid frequent replacement of new ones and increase cost. The product should have a long service life over its service life.

Advantages Of Our 4140 Hard Chrome Bars

  1. Precision material parts strictly according to customer&request drawing,packing and quality request
    2.Tolerance: can be kept in +/-0.01mm
    3.The most advanced inspector to ensure the quality
    4.Experienced technology engineers and well trained workers
    5.Fast and timely delivery. Speedily &professional service
    6.Give customer professional suggestion while in the process of customer designing to save costs
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